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Main » 2013 » January » 7 » True Religion Jeans outlet troubled by these
4:51 AM
True Religion Jeans outlet troubled by these
True Religion Jeans outlet troubled by these
generous but feeble voices heard Because their merit is the greater for being so little heeded; because it is the duty of those who are fighting for justice to render justice in their turn to all those men, even when they dwell in a country in which the state represents the violation of right by Faustrecht, who are defending with us the spirit of liberty. The phrase is not new True Religion Outlet today but the fact is. Never in any period, have we seen humanity throwing into the bloody arena all its intellectual and moral reserves, its priests, its thinkers, its scholars, its artists, the whole future of the spirit wasting its geniuses as food for cannon. A great thing, doubtless, when the  Denim struggle is great, when a people fights for an eternal cause, the fervor of which fires the whole nation, from the smallest to the greatest; when it fuses all the egoisms, purifies desire, and out of many souls makes one unanimous soul. 
But if the cause be suspect or if it is tainted (as we judge that True Religion Outlet Jeans true religion sale  of our adversaries to be), what will be the situation of a moral which has preserved the sad and lofty privilege of perceiving at least a part of the truth, and which must nevertheless fight and die and kill for a faith which it doubts Those passionate natures that True Religion Outlet Jeans are intoxicated True Religion Jeans Outlet by fighting or are voluntarily blinded by the necessities of action are not troubled by these questions. For them the enemy is a single mass; nothing else exists for them but this, for they have to break it; it is their function and their duty. And to each his special duty. But if minorities do not exist for such men, they do exist for us who, since we are not fighting, have the liberty and the duty to see every aspect of the case we who form part of the eternal minority, the minority which has been, is, and always will be eternally oppressed. 
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